How to Sell with Instagram for Shopify: The Only Guide You Need

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms today. It is used to showcase products to millions of users from all over the world.

Businesses and brands use Instagram to promote their brands which proved to have a positive impact on companies, sales, as well as, in the lives of the customers.

Instagram has over a billion registered users and most of them seek new products with the help of this social media platform.

So, why not add Shopify to the mix and generate sales with the help of Shopify Instagram integration.

Let’s see how you can sell with Instagram for Shopify.

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Shopify Instagram Integration: Everything You Need to Know

Shopify Instagram Integration: Everything You Need to Know

The new shoppable Instagram stories have created great business opportunities. Now you can sell on the most popular social media platform without a website. How?


Well, Instagram allows shoppable posts meaning Shopify and Instagram are integrated in a way that stories and posts allow customers to purchase directly.


The easy tagging and Instagram Shopify integration have allowed businesses and brands to grow significantly.


One example is Natori, a clothing brand who have noticed a huge 1,424% increase in traffic after using shoppable posts.


If you are interested in boosting your brand exposure and growing your traffic and sales, it is time to give Instagram Shopify feature a chance.


To use the Instagram sales channel to sell your products, you need to meet a few requirements:

You need to be on a Shopify plan (a minimum required plan is Basic Shopify)

You need to create your own online store and remove the password from the store.

You need to set up a Facebook channel with Facebook Shop. Make sure your Facebook page doesn’t have any country or age restrictions.

Connect your Instagram profile to a Facebook catalog.

You need to sell physical products only

Use the latest version of Instagram available.

Before you start setting up the Instagram sales channel, ensure you have a Facebook shop page and products to your Facebook catalog. If you aren’t selling on Facebook, you must set up the Facebook sales channel first and make your products available through the Facebook product catalog.

How to Set Up the Instagram Sales Channel

The Instagram sales channel automatically connects the products you have in your Shopify store. Here is how to add the Instagram sales channel:

(for Android users)

After you have added your Instagram profile, the account will be reviewed by the Instagram team. Shopify can’t enable the tagging feature.

Once your account is approved, you will receive a notification.

How to Tag Products in Instagram Posts

You can tag products in your Instagram stories and posts. Followers and potential customers who find your tagged products can tap to see or purchase a product in your Shopify store.


Your products need to be also available in your Facebook catalog, as well as, Shopify online store in order to be tagged in an Instagram story or post.


When you see your Instagram profile has been approved, you can tag your products in stories and posts.


You can tag your products by using shopping stickers. Keep in mind that you can only tag products on images, not videos.


Why Sell on Instagram with Shopify

If you are serious about your ecommerce business and you are looking for new ways to generate sales and revenue, you need to follow the trends and accept any positive change to improve your marketing efforts.

We said it before – Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms for shopping online.

With Shopify Instagram integration it has become easier to sell on Instagram as there are over a billion monthly users and half million advertisers. It makes a total sense to use a platform with such a huge number of potential customers you can sell your product to.

Customers today are lazy and they don’t want to go through a long process of checking out through a website. 

The shoppable Instagram product links would help them purchase the product they like with a click on a button.

We don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t use Instagram to boost your sales and profits at the same time.

Instagram also allows users (business owners) to set up Instagram Ads promoting a specific product to potential buyers. By using Instagram Story Ads and Shoppable Instagram Feeds, you could turn your Instagram page into a promotional catalog, presenting your newest products. This is a chance to boost your brand image, establish a relationship with your customers, and grow your business.

Learning how to sell on Instagram with Shopify can open new doors of business opportunities. If you still haven’t optimized your Instagram profile for business, you are missing earning potential.

Here are a few tips to help you sell on Instagram with Shopify:

Make Sure Your Instagram Looks Professional:

Before you turn your Instagram page into a store, you need to make sure it is properly optimized. Make sure your profile looks professional. Add your company logo as a profile image and add an interesting bio about your business. Also, don’t forget to add a link to your Shopify store.

Bring Traffic to Your Instagram Page:

You can’t expect to make sales if there is no traffic coming to your page, right? Take advantage of Instagram ads and attract customers’ attention. Add stories with product links. Make the purchasing process as easy and as fast as possible.

Create a Shoppable Instagram Feed:

Instagram shopping option allows merchants to tag products for sale and let customers buy the product inside Instagram. Create a shoppable Instagram feed and watch your sales grow.

Grow Sales with Instagram Shopify Store

Let customers discover and purchase your products directly from Instagram stories and posts. Shopify allows you to get your products in front of a million shoppers on Instagram.


Connect with shoppers from all over the world who love to explore and purchase new products – only with Shopify!