Many first-time online business owners drift towards Shopify when looking to start selling products online. Shopify comes with great features that allow you to create online store free without coding knowledge or web design skills. And you can start selling your products the same day. So if you choose Shopify to set up your online store, here are things to expect:

  1. Shopify e-commerce website builder is easy to use

The Shopify dashboard is not complicated, which means you won’t have any problems walking through it. In fact, the steps are clearly outlined as you navigate the dashboard. And the great part is that Shopify comes with a free trial period to get the hang of the platform and to be sure that it’s the right software for you before you can buy the paid plan.

  1. Shopify e-commerce website builder comes with a huge array of template and designs

When it comes to the best templates to create your online store, Shopify has many of them. They have 21 free themes to choose from, as well as many other paid options. You can customize your chosen theme to reflect your business. And you do not need any coding skills to do that.

  1. Shopify e-commerce website builder comes with great SEO and marketing capabilities

Shopify comes built with SEO, which means your store will be ranked by search engines quickly. Ideally, your meta information and tags are transmitted to search engines without you getting involved. You can also do your own SEO optimization on your Shopify web pages to increase the robustness of your store. With a good SEO base, marketing your Shopify store becomes easier.

  1. Shopify e-commerce website builder comes with great customer support

Compared with other e-commerce website builders, Shopify comes with the best support system. They have a 24/7 support, which means customers can get help around-the-clock. They also offer email and phone support. And if you want interactive feedback, you can take advantage of their social media or live chat support.

  1. Shopify e-commerce website builder comes with reasonable pricing

Before you pay for the web builder, you’re given a free 14-day trial period. After the free trial period, you can choose one of the paid plans, which are pretty cheap. The lowest plan goes for $9 per month.


If you’re just starting to sell products and are looking to create an online extension of your business, Shopify is the best platform to choose.  With all these useful features, you can go wrong with Shopify.